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Scotty Flush Mount Install
by: EbbTide

If you ever thought twice about installing a Scotty flush mount rod holder and decided it was to difficult to attempt, then this article is for you. It is a much cleaner looking mount then the alternative surface Scotty mounts that stick up. You will need a few simple tools in order to do the install properly. Gather the following before you proceed.

  • Drill

  • 3/8 Hole saw with pilot bit.

  • Clear silicone

  • Marker or marking tool.

  • Either SS screws or well nuts and bolt.( I went with SS screws)

  • A rattail file or Dremel tool with cutting bit. (not in photo sorry)

  • And of course your Scotty flush mount.

By this stage you will have hopefully fished in your yak a few times to properly determine where your mounts will best serve you. Once this is established, it's time to start drilling.


You will want to start by flipping the mount upside down and mark where your hole will go. Make sure it is even on both sides before you drill. There's nothing more aggravating then to have your mounts off balance from one another. 



It's now time to take that deep breath and drill a big hole in your ride! Don't worry it gets alot easier after the first one. Once both holes have been drilled out you will want to try and push the mount in. 


The 3/8 saw is a bit smaller then the actual mount size. You want to make it as snug as possible. Take the file or dremel tool and begin to fit your mount. It should be tight enough where you will need to take your fist and give them a few taps to seat it.





After your dry run is complete and the proper fit is acquired then take your silicone and put a healthy dose on the underside of the mount. After they are seated for the final time and all lined up in the position you want, you can begin to install the fasteners of your choice. 

Easy as pie!  In my opinion the yak looks much cleaner with these installed. 

It's great to be a DIY-er. You get the satisfaction of doing your own customizing and coming up with your own ideas. Good luck with this project.


Sources for your flush mounts:


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